Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the purpose of this site

Practical Divinity is literature that facilitates spiritual development (personal or corporate). It is made for devotion, discipleship, and spiritual formation. It is about the making and moving of Christians, growth in grace, the formation of a Christian worldview, and the tempering of a Christian character. We might call its purpose application. It focuses worship, shapes the heart, cultivates values, and hones lifestyle. The aim is right understanding, right practice, and right passions. Practical divinity moves us from where we are on toward where we should be. It is the liturgy of the mystery of God's Presence and initiative. It is the equipping resource of the Body of Christ-the society of the Church.
This website is a list of resources (Practical Divinity) approved and encouraged for use in small groups and personal devotion. It is compiled by Dr. Karl Ganske, Pastor of Spiritual Development, Dodge City Church of the Nazarene.